Clara Step Barrel

This Step Barrel is unique in its ability to stretch and strengthen the core at the same time.  Its is particularly excellent in doing oblique work, as you stretch over the arc and use the oblique muscles to pull you back up.  It is great for variations of the mat work such as the roll up and roll over.  It adds challenge and at the same time supports. . It is useful in helping with  back extension for those of you who have a forward head and rounded back.  People with a diagnosis of scoliosis,  would also find this useful as they can build up the muscles on the lengthened side and stretch the muscles on the shortened. It is a beautiful piece of equipment with a hardwood base and classic black upholstery.  It is a timeless piece of equipment. 

For Pilates Studio Owners, with Pilates Step Barrel classes quickly gaining in popularity, a stackable barrel makes a lot of sense. Clara Step Barrel®s can be stacked up to 8 high. This design is just like our West Coast Step Barrel, only we replaced the metal handles with vertical cut-out handles. Ron Fletcher notes that Clara Pilates was fond of this apparatus, and the new handle design better facilitates the work she taught him. We’re pleased to name this design in her honor. Dimensions: 17.5"w x 29"l x 13.5"h (44cm x 74cm x 34cm).

We have two for sale

Price $250 each

Buyer must pickup! No deliveries.

We ask that you pay with cash, bank check or cashiers check. 

Current and past clients can pay by check.

For more information, or to see the Clara Step Barrel, please call Barbara Spiess @ 352-258-5980

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